The Neuroscientist’s Guide to Advocacy

When scientists advocate for increased research funding and other priorities, it makes a difference — and getting started is simple.

Through this collection of advocacy training videos, SfN’s Advocacy Engagement Manager shares helpful information for new and experienced advocates. This series covers background on what advocacy is and why it’s important to your work, along with keys to effectively encourage lawmakers to support basic and biomedical research, including how to:

  • Plan high impact activities.
  • Share your research story.
  • Understand the budget process.
  • Prepare for and conduct a meeting on Capitol Hill.
  • Partner with SfN and other advocates.

After watching this series, you’ll learn why your voice as a scientist is crucial in making the case for continued funding, and how to connect with your legislators in efficient and meaningful ways, whether or not you’re in Washington, D.C.

SfN is dedicated to helping you continue to grow as an advocate whether you’re brand new or have years of experience. Take these steps to connect with SfN:

  • Sign up for the Advocacy Network Newsletter to receive the latest science policy developments, advocacy engagement opportunities, and resources.
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