IWiN Toolkit: Improving Faculty Climate

Are you working to increase awareness of the issues facing women in academia? Neuroscience departments and programs and SfN chapters can help with a new suite of tools: the Increasing Women in Neuroscience (IWiN) presentations created by SfN’s Professional Development Committee.

This resource, IWiN Toolkit: Improving Faculty Climate, is a 30-minute presentation with compelling data and practical steps to create an environment where faculty thrive.


How can institutions ensure faculty feel safe, listened to, valued, and treated fairly and with respect? Explore this toolkit.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of:

  • Definitions, benefits, and essential components
  • Perception differences by gender and why they matter
  • Impact of committed leaders
  • A Harvard University case study
  • Strategies for improvement

To use this presentation, download the file, review the background notes underneath each slide, and share with your audience. Additionally, this supplemental reading list can help you prepare for the presentation or be provided to your audience. Following your review and/or use of the materials, we invite you to share your feedback through this brief survey.

In addition to the Improving Faculty Climate toolkit, review and use the Candidate Recruitment and Evaluation and Implicit Bias toolkits for data and recommendations on how to improve hiring practices.

Also read Ways to Change the Implicit Bias Status Quo, an interview with Anne Etgen, professor emerita at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Download the IWiN Toolkit: Improving Faculty Climate presentation here.

The Increasing Women in Neuroscience: Improving Faculty Climate presentation was adapted from live workshops and made possible through the grant-funded Department Chair Training to Increase Women in Neuroscience (IWiN) program.

Are you looking for more resources to raise awareness about the issues facing women in academia, including personal advice for using these toolkits to host a workshop? It’s all here.

Explore Neuronline articles on women in neuroscience and diversity, and IWiN learning modules for related SfN resources.

This toolkit is easily adaptable for audiences all over the world. Download Guidelines for Internationalizing the IWiN Toolkit to get started.

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