Changing Animal Rights Tactics and What It Means For Today's Researchers

From violence against researchers to boycotts and internet trolling, the tactics used by animal rights activists have changed over the years. Understanding the history of these groups and the methods they've used can help you better prepare yourself against current potential threats and impact on your research.

Tune into this webinar, featuring three experts with unique perspectives, to learn about the progression of animal models, including discussions of improved treatment; successes of regulations protecting animal researchers; and the current status of animal rights.

You will leave the webinar understanding:

  • The history of animal activism and its relevance to your current research
  • How to protect yourself in the event of actions taken against you
  • Ways institutions can help you proactively defend yourself against animal activists and ensure compliance with regulations

Make sure to read A Guide to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee by Sari Izenwasser to help you determine the best methods for ensuring animal health and welfare while accomplishing the goals of a study.


Mar Sanchez, PhD
Mar Sanchez is an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University and a core scientist in the division of developmental and cognitive neuroscience at the Yerkes National Research Primate Center. Her research examines how early life stress affects the development of brain systems involved in emotional regulation in nonhuman primates. She served as chair of SfN’s Committee on Animals in Research from 2015–2018.
Dario Ringach, PhD
Dario Ringach is a professor of neurobiology and psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles, where his research focuses on the visual system. After being the target of animal rights extremism, Ringach has become a vocal supporter of educating the public about the importance of using animals in research and encourages other scientists to do the same.
Tom Holder
Tom Holder is the founder of Speaking of Research, an international advocacy group that provides accurate information about the importance of animal research. Holder is also the head of campaigns for Understanding Animal Research in the United Kingdom.

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