Get Career Advice at Neuroscience 2015's Professional Development Workshops

Do you have questions about funding? Does your mentor-protégé relationship need improvement? Are you curious about what’s it like to do an international postdoc or pursue a career beyond the bench?

Find answers and network with likeminded students and esteemed faculty during professional development workshops (PDWs) at Neuroscience 2015.

PDWs take place Saturday, October 17 – Monday, October 19. No registration is required, but popular workshops fill up fast. Here are just a few of the many PDWs you can choose to attend:

  • A Guide to Publishing in Journals
  • Tackling Challenges in Scientific Rigor: The (Sometimes) Messy Reality of Science
  • How to Renovate Your Relationship With Your Adviser or Advisee
  • How Do I Fund My Science? Public and Private Funding Approaches for Supporting Your Neuroscience Research Across Career Stages and Types of Research

In the meantime, explore highlights from past PDWs published on Neuronline:

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