How to Engage Your Members of Congress

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Neuroscientists at all career stages have meaningful perspectives to share with policymakers about why supporting the scientific enterprise is so important for the field and society. In this webcast, you will learn ways that you can persuasively advocate for science, and hear how recent Congressional actions may impact funding for biomedical research issues and your work.

Watch this webcast to hear:

  • Introduction: Bill Martin, committee chair of SfN’s Government and Public Affairs Committee and chief scientific officer at BlackThorn Therapeutics, will highlight the critical importance of advocacy and moderate the dialogue.
  • Legislative Update: Lyle Dennis, partner in Cavarocchi-Ruscio-Dennis Associates, a government relations firm in Washington, DC, will give you an insider’s knowledge of what is happening on the Hill and in the Trump Administration.
  • How to be an Effective Advocate: Brenda Bloodgood, assistant professor of neurobiology at University of California, San Diego, will share tips on how to engage with your Members of Congress during the 2017 August Recess and year-round.
  • Q&A Session: Speakers answer questions from the audience.



Bill Martin
Bill Martin, PhD
Bill Martin is the chief scientific officer and head of research and development at BlackThorn Therapeutics, a company focused on creating novel targeted medicines for neurodevelopmental disorders. Prior to joining BlackThorn, Martin worked at Theravance Biopharma, where his responsibilities ranged from drug discovery and development, to research portfolio planning and business development. He is the chair of SfN’s Government and Public Affairs Committee. Martin graduated from Swarthmore College and earned his PhD from Brown University. He conducted postdoctoral research at the Keck Center for Integrative Neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco.
Brenda Bloodgood, PhD
Brenda Bloodgood, PhD
Brenda Bloodgood is an assistant professor of neurobiology in the Division of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego. Bloodgood’s main research interests lie in how neuronal computations change in response to environmental interactions. She received her BS in animal physiology and neuroscience from UC San Diego and her PhD in neurobiology from Harvard Medical School. She completed her postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School.
Lyle Dennis
Lyle Dennis
Lyle B. Dennis is a partner in Cavarocchi-Ruscio-Dennis Associates, a government relations firm in Washington, DC. He serves as a member of the steering committee of the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research, the leading advocacy group for NIH. Dennis frequently lectures about public policy issues at universities and in front of corporate and not-for-profit organizations.

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