IWiN Toolkit: Candidate Recruitment and Evaluation

Neuroscience departments and programs and SfN chapters that are working to increase awareness of the issues facing women in academia, and implement effective strategies to improve hiring practices have a new tool: the Increasing Women in Neuroscience (IWiN) presentation, Candidate Recruitment and Evaluation, created by SfN’s Professional Development Committee.


In this 30-minute presentation, which highlights compelling data and success stories and offers ready-to-use tools, you’ll find answers to:

  • What is causing the leaky pipeline, and what can be done to improve the situation?
  • What recruiting strategies can you implement to increase diversity?
  • How can you promote awareness of evaluation bias?
  • What steps should you take to avoid implicit bias when reviewing applications and interviewing candidates?

To use this presentation, download the file, review the background notes underneath each slide, and share with your audience. Additionally, case scenarios and topics for discussion can be used to facilitate conversation among your audience. Following your review and/or use of the materials, we invite you to share your feedback through this brief survey.

Diversity strengthens science by allowing unique individuals to share their expertise. Improved recruiting and evaluation practices, and awareness of implicit bias, can better support female neuroscientists trying to advance their careers, especially into the upper ranks of academia.

Download the presentation here.

The Increasing Women in Neuroscience: Candidate Recruitment and Evaluation presentation was adapted from live workshops and online modules made possible through the National Science Foundation grant-funded Department Chair Training to Increase Women in Neuroscience (IWiN) program.

Explore Neuronline articles on women in neuroscience and diversity, and IWiN learning modules for related resources.

This toolkit is easily adaptable for audiences all over the world. Download Guidelines for Internationalizing the IWiN Toolkit to get started.

Have you hosted your own workshop? How did you tailor the presentation to impact your community? Share your tips, stories, or questions below.  

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