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Find the best content

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  • Dario Ringach

    Urge U. S. Surgeon General to Voice Support for...

    Posted in: Animals in Resear...

    Please consider signing this petition to the U. S. Surgeon General: www.change.org ... More

  • Jeffrey Smith

    RE: Learning about potential careers

    Posted in: Neuroscience 2014

    Another primary resource would be NeuroJobs Career Center on the SfN website. It has copious amounts... More

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Work Beyond the Bench

    Posted in: Neuroscience 2014

    Alfonso asked: Are there any resources or pathways inside the meeting that would be useful for a freelancer... More

  • photo not available

    Looking for single or couple to share Americana...

    Posted in: Roommate Matching...

    Hello SfN! My husband and I have booked a 2 double bed room at the Americana Hotel (1460 Jefferson... More

  • Cara Altimus

    Learning about potential careers

    Posted in: Neuroscience 2014

    Avinash asked: How can I learn about potential career opportunities? Answer: The annual meeting... More


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Plan for Neuroscience 2014 Now  

Planning to attend SfN’s annual meeting this year? Save money by visiting the Roommate Matching Forum, discover what not to miss at the meeting in the Neuroscience 2014 community, and learn what to visit outside the convention center in the Washington DC city highlights discussions.



  See the 2013 Neurobiology of Disease Workshop

Did you miss out on attending the Neurobiology of Disease Workshop at Neuroscience 2013? Now you can see what you missed and ask questions of the speakers in the Neurobiology of Disease Workshop 2013 community! Visit the community today to watch the recording of the workshop as well as see the webinar SfN hosted with even more Q&A about induced pluripotent stem cell models of disease.



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