How to Be Upfront About Our Work With Animals

It's important to communicate with lay audiences about animal research, but what's an effective approach? Mar Sanchez, a member of SfN's Committee on Animal Research, advises being transparent and proactive to confront the pervasiveness of misleading messages from animal rights groups. Here, she offers advice on facilitating conversations, engaging institutions and activists, protecting yourself against attacks, and more.

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Thanks for this important encouragement to talk about why we use animals in biomedical research. A couple of thoughts:

Being upfro...

DLRobinson over a week ago

Thanks for the wide spectrum of advice on how and when and why to be upfront about all aspects of our work with animal research.
My e...

Katinka.Stecina over a week ago
Mar Sanchez, PhD
Mar Sanchez is an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University and a core scientist in the division of developmental and cognitive neuroscience at the Yerkes National Research Primate Center. Her research examines how early life stress affects the development of brain systems involved in emotional regulation in nonhuman primates. She currently serves as chair of SfN’s Committee on Animals in Research.

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