Promoting Awareness and Knowledge to Enhance Scientific Rigor in Neuroscience

Scientific rigor is the structured and controlled application of the scientific method using the highest standards in the field, including considerations in experimental design, data analysis, and reproducibility.

Mainstream and scientific media have recently covered topics on scientific rigor, and it is being addressed by publishers, professional societies, and funding agencies. SfN has partnered with NIH and leading neuroscientists who are experts in the field of scientific rigor to offer the series Promoting Awareness and Knowledge to Enhance Scientific Rigor in Neuroscience as a part of NIH’s Training Modules to Enhance Data Reproducibility (TMEDR). All original materials produced in this series are supported by Grant Number 1R25DA041326-01 from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The contents of this series are solely the responsibility of the Society for Neuroscience and do not necessarily reflect the official views of NIDA.

This series will consist of four webinar-based training modules that will cover requirements for rigorous neuroscience research including:

  • Planning experiments and preparing for data collection | January 20, 2016 watch now
  • Minimizing bias in experimental design and execution | February 23, 2016 watch now
  • Post-experimental data analysis | May 19, 2016 watch now
  • Data management and reporting | July 18, 2016 watch now

This training series will also include recorded lectures and workshops that address the scientific, technical, and interpersonal skills necessary to tackle issues of scientific rigor.

  • Tackling Challenges in Scientific Rigor: The (Sometimes) Messy Reality of Science | October 18, 2015 watch now

Recent webinars:

Best Practices in Data Management and Reporting | July 18, 2016

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