Sharing the Magic of Brain Awareness

Susana Martinez-Conde, director of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and professor at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, studies the neural basis of illusions. Hear how she helps the public understand and care about illusions through developing stories and narratives, running contests, drawing exercises, and other techniques.  

Watch this talk to get inspired about ways to do science outreach and hear advice for getting the public excited about your research. If you’ve already done outreach activities, what helped you interest your audiences? Share in the comments.



Susana Martinez-Conde
Susana Martinez-Conde
Susana Martinez-Conde is the director of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience and a professor of ophthalmology and physiology/pharmacology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Previously, she directed laboratories at University College London and at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona. Martinez-Conde coauthored the book, Sleights of Mind and won SfN’s Science Educator Award in 2014. She received a Bachelor of Science in experimental psychology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a PhD in medicine and surgery from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She was a postdoctoral fellow with the Nobel Laureate David Hubel, and then an instructor in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School.

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